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Lam’s innovative products provide a vital link between the visionary designs for the latest electronic devices and the semiconductor and electronics companies that produce them. In fact, nearly every leading-edge integrated circuit made today has been processed with Lam Research equipment.

Fabricating the cutting-edge microprocessors and memory devices in these products is extremely challenging and requires precision control of chip features at the atomic scale. The manufacturing process involves the repetition of a set of core processes, which can result in hundreds of individual steps to produce an integrated circuit device, or a chip. Even the pace of innovation is extreme—often within a year after the latest electronic product becomes available, the next generation is anticipated.

Lam Research plays an important role in this cycle of innovation, providing the highly sophisticated wafer fabrication systems chipmakers rely on to produce increasingly complex devices with ever smaller dimensions.

We offer a broad portfolio of complementary products and technologies that are used in several areas of the semiconductor manufacturing process flow, including plasma etch, thin film deposition, photoresist strip, and wafer cleaning. These fall into the following categories:

Wafer Processing

Wafer-Level Packaging

Related Manufacturing

Set of process steps used to create active components (transistor, capacitor) and wiring (interconnect); increasing device performance adds fabrication complexity such as new materials and device architectures

Set of process steps used to package chips and wire their external connections while the chips are still on the wafer; innovations in WLP are fueled by the need for smaller, more powerful mobile devices

Markets such as MEMS and LED that use certain semiconductor processes, where consumer demand is driving the need for high-volume, cost-efficient manufacturing

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